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Artist Spotlight – North Sea Gas

August 2011-

North Sea Gas is found far from home here at the Topsfield Fair. This two man band originates from Scotland and provides attention catching, authentic folk music. They’re known for using non-traditional instruments for the United States, such as Bodhrans and Bouzoukis.  They also incorporate mandolins, guitars, whistles, fiddles, and banjos. Further increasing the unique quality of their music is the fact that they write their own material, and are constantly coming up with new songs. They have released 14 albums and are working on even more new material.


Dave Gilfillan, the founder of North Sea Gas, can be found singing lead vocals and playing many different kinds of instruments along side his partner Grant Simpson. These two men pride themselves on being able to entertain with both their musical abilities and their virtuous senses of humor.  Topsfield Fair crowds return annually to see this band’s wonderful performance.