4-H Club Exhibits & Contests

4-H at Topsfield Fair serves multiple purposes. First and foremost we give 4-H members the opportunity to exhibit the knowledge and skills that they have developed in their 4-H project area(s), whether that is a 4-H child showing a horse or exhibiting his or her best photographs. The 4-H Fair is the culmination of the year and an opportunity for members to showcase their work and accomplishments.

These fairs also offer the opportunity to educate the public about 4-H and offer all the chance to get involved. The 4-H Fair is a popular venue for families across the Commonwealth in the summertime.

For over 100 years, Massachusetts 4-H has been providing young people the opportunity to do that work, to work on their personal growth and development in a positive environment. Research shows that 4-H members are likely to excel in school, lead their peers and give to their communities. Massachusetts 4-H is a great place to be!

Youth Cattle Show

Our 4-H and Youth Cattle Show takes place on the first Saturday of the Fair. The show sees many local youngsters and their charges vying for the blue ribbon. This is not a meat cattle show where the winner must relinquish his prized animal to a high bidder, but it is a family show where the participants proudly display their animals.

4-H & Open Youth Horse Show

A new event for the Topsfield Fair, the 4-H & Open Youth Horse Show is also held on the first Saturday.

Each child is encouraged to participate in the different classes and compete.

4-H & Youth Dairy Goat Show

4-H & Youth Dairy Goat Show takes place on the second weekend of the Topsfield Fair. All exhibitors must be between the ages of 7-18 and may only include hornless animals.

Many of the exhibitors raise their own herds of goats at home and this is an opportunity for them to show their goats. While the 4-H Essex County Kids Goat Club may be mainly focused on showing their goats, some may also enter crafts or food for other 4-H areas.

Junior King & Queen Pageant

Junior King & Queen Pageant is held on the first Saturday of the Topsfield Fair and children between the ages of five and eight are encouraged to apply. They will be asked a series of questions on the stage and will judged on general appearance, conduct and personality.

The crowned king and queen will be representatives for the Topsfield Fair during the following year at local events including parades and dinners.

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