Visual & Culinary Arts


The Canning Department’s exhibit can be found in Coolidge Hall. The winner’s case displays prized blue ribbons for jellies, jams, pickles and more! There are over 80 categories and many of the exhibitors also grow their own produce before they start their canning process. You’ll be wishing you could have a sample of some ribbon winners!

Fine Art

The Topsfield Fair Fine Art Exhibit in Coolidge Hall showcases artwork from over 300 area artists, both amateur and professional. There is a children’s division that allows entrants as young as 4 to enter, bringing them an increased awareness of art and allowing them to see their exhibit when they visit the fair. The Professional artists can also display their work in the Fine Art Sales room, which allows them to price their work and give visitors the opportunity to purchase art. Artists are also available during the fair in demonstrations of watercolor painting, drawing and more!


The Crafts Division can be seen throughout Coolidge Hall. The hand sewn quilts hang from the ceiling and the handcraft displays showcase knitting, jewelry, and other works from local artisans. There are demonstrators within the hall showing their talents of lace making, quilting, stain glass work, woodworking and more!


The Coolidge Hall Kitchen is constantly in use, whether for judging the baking contests or demonstrations. The most popular competition is the Topsfield Fair Apple Pie Contest, which can sometimes feature over 30 different pies! The smell of freshly baked bread also wafts out of the ovens and fills the entire hall with a homespun aroma. During the fair, visitors can also purchase the warm loaves of oatmeal, raisin, and honey-wheat bread.


The Amateur Winemaking exhibit is sponsored by Alfalfa Farm in Topsfield. This display showcases the fine wines of local winemakers along with creative ideas for wine labels.

Mrs. Essex County

Each year, the annual Mrs. Essex County Pageant is held on the second Sunday of the fair. Contestants must be married and currently living within Essex County in order to participate in this event. A winner is crowned and she will then represent the Essex Agricultural Society (Topsfield Fair) for the following year. In 2020, it marked their 50th Anniversary.

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