Public Services

Public Safety

Fire and Police personnel are on duty at the fairgrounds. Fire personnel are located at the front gate with apparatus. The Topsfield Police are stationed in the Public Safety building adjacent to the front gate.

Kid's Safe Zone

The Kid’s Safe Zone building, located between the Bee & Sheep buildings, is staffed from 10AM to 8PM daily throughout the fair. After 8PM, please go to the Administration Building. This is a place for lost children and also provides a calming space to get away from the crowds.

Stroller & Wheelchair Rentals

Located just inside the River Gate Entrance in Parking Lot A.

$20 Wheelchair
$10 Single Stroller
$15 Double Stroller
$15 Radio Flyer Wagons

First Aid

The First Aid station is located adjacent to the front gate and is staffed daily from 10AM until closing. The nursing staff is backed up by an ambulance service. Ambulances are on site.

Nursing Mothers Lounge

The Nursing Mothers Lounge, located between the Bee & Sheep buildings, is open from 10AM to 10PM daily throughout the fair.


The Fairgrounds are accessible. Accessible parking is available in all parking lots. Wheelchairs are available for rent at the gate nearest to Parking Lot A, which is also known as the River Gate Entrance. Accessible bathrooms are available in the Arena and to the left of Coolidge Hall. Portable toilets are scattered throughout the Fairgrounds. A comfortable Adult Changing Area is located near the Picnic Area.

Sinks and Hand Wash Stations

While everyone is being urged these days to consistently wash their hands, the fair has several hand washing sinks in the restrooms and outside areas. Sinks are available outside the Nursing Mothers Lounge and alongside the Adult Changing Tent (located behind the Nursing Mothers Lounge). Hand sanitizer stations are in the buildings on the fairgrounds.

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