Welcoming back a FAN FAVORITE!

August 2013-

The Topsfield Fair is glad to be welcoming back a fan favorite to the 2013 Topsfield Fair – the Demolition Derby and Double Figure-8 Race! Each year, the Arena stands fill as we round out the end of the Fair with these great events. The Double Figure-8 Race starts at 3:30PM and the Demolition Derby starts at 7:00PM. Make sure to arrive early for both – seating and standing room always fill quickly!

The Double Figure-8 Race will consist of nine back-to-back mini-events. During the eight heat races, participants will compete to out-think and outmaneuver the other drivers. Despite only moving between 5 and 15mph, the crashes are intense and the course is challenging! The first driver to cross the finish line in each heat will earn a spot in the final Championship event, along with a trophy! Finally, crowds cheer for their favorites as the eight heat winners compete for the grand prize!

Next, the Demolition Derby will “wow” crowds of all ages in a battle to see whose car can last the longest in a full-contact event. Once again, it will be broken down into five mini-events. The last two cars running in each of the four qualifiers will move on to the finale, where they’ll compete for the championship trophy!

Whether you’re 8, 48, or 84, you are sure to enjoy the Double Figure-8 Race and Demolition Derby! Come early, grab some Fair Food, see the agriculture, and then grab a seat at the event. Plus, if you’re interested in actually taking part in the race or derby, make sure to check out the JMP Productions website.