We Have a New Friend!


The 2014 Topsfield Fair is proud to announce our newest sponsor, National Grid.  They have a long standing tradition of supporting local events, and is committed to the communities they serve.

National Grid is an electricity and gas company that networks their consumers to energy sources.  In Northeast America alone, they connect more than 7 million gas and electric customers to necessary energy sources.  They deliver electricity to about 3.3 million customers in Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island.  They serve around 3.4 million customers natural gas in Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island, making them the largest distributor of natural gas in northeastern U.S.  Not only branched in northeast U.S, they also serve Great Britain as well.  National Grid delivers gas and electricity across the country.

Currently, National Grid is dedicated to solving one of the greatest challenges our society faces; renewable and sustainable energy solutions.  National grid supports the development of renewable energy by allowing consumers to participate in their GreenUp renewable energy program.  Users can have the option to have all or part of their electricity generated from renewable resources, while continuing to keep National grid as their electricity supplier.

What a lot of people do not know about National Grid is their commitment to educating the public about safety.  They encourage everyone to call 811 before digging, because you could be digging up shallow gas lines.  National Grid has an entire section of their website dedicated solely to storm safety, and how to prepare if there is a storm in your area.  For more information about their storm safety tips, you can visit:


        The Topsfield Fair is excited to have National Grid at this year’s fair.  We encourage everyone to check out their booth to find even more information!