Volunteering at the Fair

August 2013-

Today’s #100DOP question is: “Have you ever volunteered at the Fair before? Do you want to in the future?”

Each year, we have hundreds of volunteers who come out and help in a variety of different manners. Many patrons don’t realize that when you walk into one of our Agricultural buildings, it is more than likely you are interacting with one of our volunteers. When you drop off your Exhibitor entries, most of the staff that will assist you is also volunteers. They compose the staff for many of our departments, help us with demonstrations, and sometimes even perform for us. Many of the floats you see in our parades are made by volunteers in the days and weeks leading up to the Fair. These people have an extreme love for the Fair, and for them (and us) it is so much more than an 11 day event.

Even when you visit during our annual 5K Walk/Run Race, the week before the Fair, many of the staff there are volunteers. There are many moving parts to the race, and our volunteers are pivotal in each piece working correctly.  Volunteers direct the racers, run water stops, help with the timing, etc. This year, local track teams will also come out and volunteer at our race! We are so excited to be adding them to our volunteer-force.

Topsfield Fair would like to take a moment out to thank all of the volunteers who work so hard to make our event amazing. From the fun, exciting jobs to the tedious hard work, you guys do it all, and we are so, so, so grateful for your contributions. It is humbling to have you here – through thick and thin, rain or shine – eager to help with bright smiles on your faces. It is great to look back on pictures of the 2012 Fair and see, despite the rain, all of you having a great time with us. We appreciate your service, whether it has been only got a couple hours or countless hours throughout the year.