Topsfield Fair To Do!

This year’s Topsfield Fair will be the LONGEST in our history. We have pushed back the opening time on opening day to 1pm! How many hours are we open exactly? Well lets do the math.

So we open Opening Day at 1pm and close daily at 11pm. Day one we got 10 hours of fun already!

Consecutive days, we are open daily 10am-11pm meaning 13 hours for the 10 days following opening day. 13 hours times ten days brings us to 130 hours plus the 10 for opening day gives us a total of 140 fun filled hours!

That’s A LOT of hours to do things. But I assure you, we have PLENTY of things to do around the fairgrounds. That being said, we compiled a list of things you should look forward to and do before the Fair ends at 11pm on October 10th!!

  1. Free Concerts
  2. Art Exhibits in Coolidge Hall
  3. Winning a prize in the Midway that is so big, you are not sure how to get it in your car.
  4. Holding a few day old baby chick
  5. Seeing the Giant Pumpkin
  6. Seeing a cow being milked in the Cattle Barn
  7. Spending the Whole Day at the Fair
  8. Watching the Pig Races
  9. Watching the Great American Duck Races
  10. People Watching
  11. Italian Sausage with Pepper and Onions
  12. Watch the fireworks on Saturday Oct. 1
  13. Eat Cotton Candy
  14. Deep Fried Oreos
  15. Seeing all the Food Demonstrations in Coolidge Hall
  16. Yelling wicked loud while riding the Vertigo
  17. Riding the Ferris Wheel and being able to see the whole Fairgrounds
  18. Attending one of the 3 parades on grounds and catching a cool Topsfield Fair T-shirt.
  19. See the Bengal Tigers Encounter
  20. Wander through the Flower Building
  21. Eat a Giant Turkey Leg
  22. Take part in a scavenger hunt around the fairgrounds
  23. Win a Blue Ribbon
  24. Check out the Green Pavilion in the Show Tent
  25. Baked Potatoes with the works
  26. Make a candle in the Bee Building
  27. See the Rawhide Rodeo
  28. Collect Fair Souvenirs
  29. Eat a Corn on the Cob
  30. Try the Tempura
  31. Eat German Fries
  32. Have some Hot Cider on a cool Fair night
  33. Dunk the Clown in the Midway
  34. Walk around eating a Fried Dough and try not to get powered sugar all over yourself.
  35. Win Candy from Dan the Candy Man
  36. Check out the Veggie Creatures in the Fruit and Vegetable Barn
  37. Pet a calf in the Cattle Barn
  38. Pet a rabbit in the Rabbit and Cavy Barn
  39. Watch the BMX Riders show
  40. Check out the Model Train Display in the Grange Building.
  41. Try a sample of Kettle Corn
  42. Visit the Clydesdale Horses
  43. Watch the Sand Sculpture being made.
  44. Have a bee expert help you find the Queen in the Hive.
  45. Visit the Blacksmith Shop
  46. Try some Maple Sugar at the Maple Sugar House
  47. Visit the Bunny Nursery
  48. Watch the Demolition Derby and Figure 8 Races
  49. Eat Warm Apple Pie!
  50. Winfrey’s Fudge