Topsfield Zip Trip

Topsfield Fair Featured on Fox 25!

August 2011-

Last Friday, I got the chance to attend a Fox 25 Zip Trip. For those of you not familiar, the local Fox News broadcasts from a different town/city each Friday and last Friday was Topsfield, MA’s turn! The staff here in the Topsfield Fair office all took a field trip to Topsfield Commons to be a part of the excitement and watch our own James O’Brien be interviewed by the newscasters.

The Commons were buzzing with excitement from locals. Many sponsors of the event and local vendors gave away items from Piggy Banks to Whoopie Pies to Coffee to Ice Cream! Local kids on summer vacation were enjoying all the excitement and their morning breakfast of Ice Cream. Many came down in uniforms for sports teams they play for. No one would know that Topsfield is a small town based on what we witnessed. Inside this small town are many treasures featured in a segment called “In The NeighborHOOD” where local native and business owner, Jim “Gilly” Gilford toured local hotspots including Gil’s Grocery Store, Daybreak Café, Hoods Pond and the Rockery. One of the other stops of the tour was the Topsfield Fairgrounds!

The Fair’s General Manager was also interviewed by anchor, Gene Lavancy. The Topsfield Fair crew was there for support as Jamie gave Gene the details on all the 2011 Fair entertainment and attractions (Look for MacKenzie in the I <3 Topsfield Fair shirt in the background of the interview).

Watch both videos below and make sure you don’t miss the fair this year! Open Sept. 30 – Oct. 10, 2011.

James O’Brien (General Manager) interview:



In The NeighborHOOD segment: