Top 5 Reasons to Run the Fair

August 2015-

  1. Check out the Fair, crowd free! Everyone gets to see the fair once it has already opened, but how many people can say they got to explore the Topsfield Fair crowd free? Check out all your favorite spots as you run through the fair and along scenic Topsfield.
  2. Our race after party puts all other parties to shame. Our race after party puts all other parties to shame. After you finish, everyone is welcome for some food and music!  Our after party is always a great atmosphere.  Celebrate your finishing time with friends and family, while relaxing and listening to some live music!
  3. Everyone loves a good cause. Everyone loves a good cause. Did you know all the proceeds of the Topsfield Fair Road Race goes towards the Essex Agricultural Society’s Scholarship Fund?  Your entry will give a senior in high school the opportunity to pursue their goal of a higher education.  There’s nothing better than running and knowing you’re helping someone in need!
  4. The perfect way to kick off the Topsfield Fair! It’s the perfect way to kick off the Topsfield Fair! The Topsfield Fair Road Race is always the Sunday before the fair opens.  It’s the perfect way to start kick off the start of the Topsfield Fair!
  5. Awesome chance to get active! This is an awesome chance to get active! Before the cold winter months come in and we all hibernate in our houses, enjoy a chance to get active!  Start your run right as fall begins enjoying the beautiful Topsfield scenery and Topsfield Fair!