To Chew Or Not To Chew?

August 2012-

Would you ever think that deep fried bubblegum would come to mind while looking for something to eat at the Fair? Seems shocking, but this new treat will be making its debut at the Fair this year!  After doing some research, we found that deep fried bubble gum was a big hit at the State Fair of Texas and even won the most creative award at the seventh annual Big Tex Awards. With such recognition – who wouldn’t want to try this sweet and savory treat?!

But, is it chewy? Does the flavor of the gum seem to last? Well, sadly, at theState Fair of Texas deep fried bubble gum is not actually gum at all. It is actually just marshmallows dipped in bubblegum extract then fried to crispy deliciousness. The good news is—not only is this treat’s taste out of this world, but it also very closely resembles real bubblegum. For creator and Texas native, Justin Martinez, presentation was key as his deep fried bubble gum (pictured bellow) are drizzled with blue frosting and topped with mini Chicklets!

We hope that deep fried bubblegum finds success at the Topsfield Fair this year, and we encourage all patrons to stop by the All-American Funnel Cake Booth to give it a try. I mean—what could be better than taking a beloved childhood treat and turning it into a deep fried masterpiece?!