The Racing Pigs Are Back!!!

pigs ready to swim

June 2014-

Missed the Racing Pigs last year at the Topsfield Fair? They are back this year and ready to race! Robinsons Racing Pigs have been entertaining fair-goers for many years with their athletic abilities in the water and on the racetrack.  Come watch the Paddling Porker Show as they race four at a time, diving into a twenty-four foot swimming pool as the crowd cheers.  The pigs then head to the racetrack with the goal of being number one and the recipient of the most perfect prize a pig could ask for: an Oreo cookie!


Robinson’s Racing Pigs have appeared on major television networks including premieres on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno.  Thanks to their many adoring fans, they have become the number one fair attraction in North America.  Come cheer them on everyday at the 2014 Topsfield Fair!