The Mounties Are Coming to The Topsfield Fair!

August 2014-

The 2014 Topsfield Fair is proud to announce that The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, more commonly known as “The Mounties,” are coming to the Fair’s Arena!  Known for their red coats and Stetson hats, The Mounties are members of the federal and national police force of Canada who volunteer for musical ride duty after two years of active police work.

mounties 2

The Musical Ride is performed by a full troop of thirty-two riders and horses plus the member-in-charge and consists of intricate movements, figures, and cavalry drill all choreographed to music.  The performers go through months of training, practice, and riding in order to make the performer and horse act as one.

Come see The Mounties ride on October 5 – 10 at the 2014 Topsfield Fair Arena! Check out our website for more details: