Six Fast Ways to Save Money at the Fair!

September 2014-

Here at the fair, we know a lot of people are on a budget!  We decided to put our best ideas together to come up with a list of tips for you to have the most fun, without spending too much money!

1) Buy Pre-Sale Tickets

Pre-Sale tickets are only $9.00 and can be used on a weekday or weekend.  If you buy tickets the week of the fair, weekday tickets are $11.00 and $15.00 for a weekend ticket.  That means you’ll save at least $2.00 if you choose to go on a weekday and $6.00 if you go on a weekend!  By purchasing a presale ticket you’re not committing to a specific day, just committing to actually coming to the fair!  But remember, children under 8 years old are free to enter the fair, so don’t buy a ticket if you don’t need to!

Did you know you can also buy ride tickets and food vouchers before the fair starts?  You can get 10 rides for only $24.  If you buy ride tickets at the fair you’ll pay around the same price but you’ll usually need 3 or more tickets per ride!  That almost $30 of savings per ride strip!  You can buy a food voucher for $6.00 and redeem it for $8.00 worth of food at select vendors on the fairgrounds!

2) Fun Free Activities

While many people go to the Topsfield Fair to play carnival style games or go on rides, majority of the fair is free and educational!  You can check out the Cider Mill and watch cider donuts being made or visit Kiddie Korral which includes a playground and coloring activities!  You can look at some wild animals in the Sportmen’s Building, hold a baby chick in the Poultry Barn, watch a milking demonstration in the Cattle Barn, and try free samples of maple syrup, and enjoy our entertainment (most of which is free!) There is also the Agricultural Adventure this year, where you can visit different plants and animals and win a prize!

3) Plan Ahead

Knowing what you want to spend ahead of time can be a money saver when entering the fair.  If you have a certain amount you plan on spending, don’t immediately head straight for the games, rides and food.  Only bring to the fair the amount of money you want to spend so you’re not tempted to spend more than you want.  You can make your money last by walking through the fair and checking out all the different tables and tents.  Relax and enjoy the atmosphere for a bit instead of going straight to the fried dough!

4) Earn Free Tickets!

Did you know by having your children read this summer, they can get into the fair for free?  The program is partnered with over 45 local libraries and is designed to give children and incentive to start reading this summer.  A prize package includes 1 admission ticket, 1 hot dog and drink, 2 ride tickets and a read & win ribbon!  Contact your local library for more information!  Another great way to earn free tickets, is to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!  Leading up to the fair we give away coupons for free food, parking, admission, and concert tickets!  Not everyone can win, but it wouldn’t hurt to enter!

5) Bring a Picnic!

 What a lot of people don’t know is that you can bring food into the fair!  So if fried food doesn’t appeal to you, feel free to pack a peanut butter and jelly or whatever will fit in your cooler and bring lunch in!

6) Save on Parking!

 If you want to save some cash on parking, there are two main ways to solve this problem.  First, you can come on opening day when parking is free for everyone!  If you can’t make it for opening day, then we suggest coming on a weekend and using the satellite parking!  It saves you $5.00 on the actual parking fee, and even more in gas!  This can also help you avoid traffic, which can therefore help save you a lot of frustration!