Performance Spotlight: The Flying Wallendas

August 2012-

This year at the fair, the Flying Wallendas will be providing spectacular performances that will certainly prove to be jaw-dropping!  For those who are not familiar with the Flying Wallendas, let’s recall a man’s recent journey across the death defying Niagara Falls by tightrope! He was a part of the Wallenda Family! Yes, this group, or should we say, family, are a group of skilled acrobats who have made a name for themselves in the circus and entertainment industries. Known as “the high wire family” this group of defied all odds when they became the first 7 person pyramid to cross a wire successfully!

It is a true honor to have the Wallendas at the Fair this year, and would like to address some of their achievements to date. Tracing back to 1780 in Austria-Hungary, the Wallenda dynasty began as a group of acrobats, aerialists, jugglers, and trapeze artists. It is obvious that the Wallendas have come a long way since! Nik Wallenda currently holds six Guinness world records for various unimaginable stunts. Not only has he ventured across the Niagara on nothing but a tightrope, but he has also traveled the longest distance and the greatest height on a wire by bicycle. YES—we did say by bicycle, traveling 150 feet! The rest of Nik’s family fall right in line, as a full group of amazing talent! With the Wallendas rich history in performing in the Barnum and Ringling Brothers Circus, along with their Guinness World Records, and uncanny ability to WOW all audiences, they are certainly a group not to miss this year at the fair!