Topsfield Fair Midway

NEW RIDE! The Vertigo!

August 2011-

This here blogger is quite afraid when it comes to rides. I mean, I had to have the ride conductor stop the Tilt-a-Whirl at the fair two years ago because I was feeling sick.  And take a look at this picture from Six Flags a few weeks ago to the left.

Needless to say, I am not good with rides! That being said, this ride does look wicked cool! It is somewhat reminiscent the Swinger….but with a twist! From the looks of the video below and the pictures, the ride is sets of three chair swings attached to a center spinning “top” that lifts you up, spins, and propels you outwards due to centrifugal force. You are then flying at 90 ft in the air! Got to admit it does look kind of fun.

The Vertigo

So  since I seem to get motion sick, I have bit of a dilemma. I want to ride it and tell ya’ll about it….buttttttt I can’t. So I am seeking some brave young individual to ride it and tell me how it is! Leave you’re experience in the comments section below! I want to hear ALL about it!

Check out The Vertigo at the Midway during the Topsfield Fair!