Let the Good Times GROW!

August 2014-

This year’s theme is brought to you by Jenna Melvin from Danvers, MA and could not be more perfect for this year’s fair!

In a literal sense, “Let the Good Times Grow” applies to the agriculture part of the fair.  After all, we are the world’s oldest agricultural fair.  It represents all the great things we have that need to grow for the fair to be a success.  What would we do if all the pumpkins for the Giant Pumpkin contest just didn’t grow this year?  Or your home grown vegetables didn’t grow along with the entire flower exhibit?  So many great things that we love at the fair need to grow for us to enjoy them, so literally, let all the good times grow!

But in a figurative sense, this year’s theme means a lot more than just agriculture.  Many fairgoers have grown up with the fair, including myself.  I’ve gone to the fair since as far back as I can remember, my parents walking me around the fair until I could walk myself.  I have pictures next to the giant pumpkin from every year.  And when I went away to college two years ago, I brought many of my out of state friends to the fair so they could experience it as well.

        If you’ve been to the fair in the past five years you have probably seen Mac running around somewhere.  Mac has been with the fair since she was five and competed in the junior vegetable competition with her mom.  Her mom went on to be Mrs. Essex County in 2004, and started volunteering for the fair.  To Mac it only made sense to begin volunteering at the fair too.  When she was only twelve she created the Topsfield Fair facebook page, before she was allowed to have a facebook page for herself.  The facebook page now has over 50,000 fans.  There are few people who are incredibly passionate about what they do, and Mac is one of them.  She grew up with the fair, and is dedicated to making each year’s fair better than the last.

        The Topsfield Fair is a symbol of fall in the North Shore, around Columbus Day Weekend it is all anyone can talk about.  Generations have come to the fair, passing on the tradition to their kids and grandkids.

We want to keep the good times growing at this year’s fair, so if you’ve come to the fair in the past, bring someone new.  And if you’ve never checked out the Topsfield Fair before, stop by and see why we’re so great!