Parking Lot Attendant

Topsfield Fair

Job Description

Opportunity: Parking Lot Attendant

Where: Topsfield Fairgrounds

Length: Seasonal Position- part-time hours, may require work on weekends and holiday (September 29 – October 9, 2023)

General Description:

Direct vehicles within the parking lots of the Topsfield Fairgrounds

Primary Job Functions:

  • Safely insure that all vehicles are parked within the fairground parking lots
  • Interact with patrons in a positive manner, greet patrons
  • Provide information regarding directions to Admission Gates, buildings and other offers of the fairgrounds (some prior knowledge is beneficial, but not necessary)
  • Distribute Daily Programs at the Entrance gates

Workplace Environment:

  • Safety is always a top concern- be aware of incoming/outgoing traffic within the lot
  • Employees’ personal appearance is important both to employees and the Topsfield Fair. Employees are expected to maintain a good personal appearance and to give consideration to neatness and cleanliness. Employees should always dress in a manner befitting the job, with due consideration to any inclement weather, the Topsfield Fair employees and safety.
  • Casual dress is appropriate, however leisure clothes such as cut-offs or halter tops are not acceptable attire.
  • Safety Vest must be worn at all times
  • The Topsfield Fair is committed to protecting the safety, health and well being of all employees and other individuals in our workplace. We recognize that alcohol abuse and drug use pose a significant threat to our environment. We have established a drug-free workplace program that balances our respect for individuals with the need to maintain an alcohol and drug-free environment. The use, possession, distribution, or sale of controlled substances is strictly prohibited while on duty and while on the fairgrounds.

Please visit the Topsfield Fair Administration Building to apply. The office is open Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.