Frankie Avalon’s Coming to the Fair!

August 2012-

With three generations of talent within the industries of music, TV, and movies, we are proud to announce Frankie Avalon’s performance at the Fair this year. For those more mature audience members, you may recall Frankie’s fame as a teenage idol when his tunes were played at the finest establishments. After playing in the band Rocco and the Saints, Avalon scored a number of chart-toping hits on the U.S Billboard singles.  But his fame didn’t stop there! He became featured in over 30 various films, but became well-known for his star roles  in “beach party” films such as Beach Party and Beach Blanket Bingo which are undoubtedly iconic American films of their era. Transitioning from movie appearances to TV appeared to be a breeze for Avalon as he also found himself in dozens of TV episodes within series of: ABC’s, Bill Cosby Show, and the Patty Duke Show. With his long legacy of talent still alive, it will be interesting to see what Frankie Avalon has in-store for the Topsfield Fair this year. Those who want to witness the legend himself should stop by his FREE performance on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2013 at 7PM in our Grandstand.[youtube=]