Daily Program

Art Grossman

Picnic Area

Don't miss Art Grossman performing on the Picnic Area stage! Enjoy his easy listening, recognizable music of his favorite artists.

Event Series Colorado Bob Band

Colorado Bob Band

Trianon Stage

Colorado Bob is a seasoned performer and multi-instrumentalist whose love for the Delta and Piedmont styles resonates through his energetic playing and his rootsy singing.  He performs using a variety...

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The 39th All New England Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off


One of the Topsfield Fair’s most popular events, the weigh-off has received world-wide recognition and is quite the competition. Come and watch the fun as this year’s Giant Pumpkin is...

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Opening Ceremonies

Trianon Stage

Join us for our Opening Ceremonies for this year's Topsfield Fair!

Event Series Money Pole

Money Pole

Essex County Farmyard

If you're visiting the fair, be sure to check out the Essex County Farmyard! It hosts the Money Pole each day at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm! It's amazing to watch...

Event Series Nerveless Nocks

Nerveless Nocks

Arena Road

Among the world’s most respected aerial stunt artists, the Nerveless Nocks, will be performing daily on Arena Road with their sky-high swaypoles, spacewheel and skycycle! You will not want to...

L&M Rhythm Kings

Picnic Area

The L&M Rhythm Kings will be playing Blues & R&B tunes on the Picnic Area stage.

The Bordellos

Trianon Stage

Check out The Bordellos on the Trianon Stage.

Ongoing Events

All Day

Shearing & Spinning Demos

Sheep Barn

Visit the Sheep Barn to see shearing and spinning demonstrations. Times vary daily.

Honey for Sale

Beekeeping Building

Purchase local honey, honey sticks, candles and more in the Beekeeping Building.

Cow of the Day

Cattle Barn

Meet the cow of the day and visit the cows in the Cattle Barn.

Milking Demonstrations

Cattle Barn

Check the Cattle Barn for times for the milking demonstrations that happen throughout the day!

Pet a Calf

Cattle Barn

Visit the Cattle Barn for times to pet a calf!

Canning Display

Coolidge Hall

Visit the Canning Display in the kitchen at Coolidge Hall.

Cooking Demonstrations

Coolidge Hall

Check times in Coolidge Hall for daily cooking demonstrations.

Fine Art Sales Room

Coolidge Hall

Visit the Fine Arts Sales Room in Coolidge Hall and purchase local art, note cards and more!

Farm Hands / Interactive Educational Experience

Education Center

Visit the Education Education for the Farm Hands display. Children visiting this hands-on experience will be able to plant, grow, pick and sell their own agricultural products in this unique...

Farm Animals to Visit

Essex County Farmyard

Visit horses, pigs, goats, sheep and more in the Essex County Farmyard.

Award Winning Flower Displays

Flower Barn

Visit the Flower Building and see local landscaping displays, flower arrangements, and more!

Bonsai Display

Flower Barn

Check out the amateur and professional bonsai display in the Flower Barn.

Apple Cider Booth

Fruit & Vegetable Barn

Stop by the Fruit & Vegetable Building for hot or cold apple cider, donuts and apple! Supplied by Brooksby Farm (Peabody, MA).

Coloring Contest Display

Fruit & Vegetable Barn

Did you enter our Coloring Contest? Don't miss them all displayed in our Fruit & Vegetable Barn!

Decorated Pumpkins & Veggies

Fruit & Vegetable Barn

The Fruit & Vegetable Building is home to the decorative pumpkins and veggies.

Vegetable Farm Stand

Fruit & Vegetable Barn

Wally's Vegetables (Haverhill, MA) has local produce, pickles and more available in the Fruit & Vegetable Building.

Fire Department Display

Grange Building

Visit the Essex County Fire Association display in the Grange Building.

Model Train Display

Grange Building

Visit the North East Trains (Peabody, MA) model train display in the Grange Building.

Picnic Tables

Grange Road

Have a seat and take a break on our picnic tables on Grange Road.

Barn Workshop

New Meadows

Stop over and visit the Barn Workshop in New Meadows for a pottery display.

Education Shed

New Meadows

Visit the Education Shed in New Meadows for games, crafts, educational activities and more!

Glass Blower

New Meadows

Visit with a local glassblower to understand this unique art!

Maple Sugar House

New Meadows

Looking to pick up some fresh maple sugar or maple candy? Visit the Maple Sugar House in New Meadows.

Prospect Hill Forge

New Meadows

Visit the blacksmiths at Prospect Hill Forge in New Meadows.

Egg Hatchery

Poultry Barn

Visit the Poultry Barn and check out the egg hatchery! You can also hold a baby chick!

Bunny Nursery

Rabbit Barn

Check out newborn bunnies at the Bunny Nursery in the Rabbit Barn.

Cavies on Display

Rabbit Barn

Visit the Rabbit Barn to check out the adorable cavies on display!

Rabbits to Pet

Rabbit Barn

Visit the Rabbit Barn Information Table and learn more about rabbits and pet one too!

Spinning Display

Rabbit Barn

While visiting the Rabbit Barn, be sure to check out the spinning display.

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