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2019 Coloring Contest

2018 Coloring Contest

2017 Coloring Contest

2016 Coloring Contest

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Agricultural Careers

Agriculture Career Matching

Choosing an Agriculture Career

Who Can Fix it


All About Agriculture

Agriculture Alphabet

All About Agriculture – Multiple Choice – 3-5

All About Agriculture – Open Response

All About Agriculture – Yes or No – K-2

All About Agriculture – Yes or No – 3-5

All About Agriculture – Yes or No – Varius

Farm Checklist 1

Farm Checklist 2

Where is the Agriculture


All About Apples

Adding Apples – Simple Addition

Apple Comparisons – Example

Apple Comparisons

Apple Fact or Opinion

Apple Life Cycle – Match words to pictures

Apple Life Cycle – No words pictures only

Apple Life Cycle – With words and pictures

Apple Multiplication 2’s

Apple Multiplication 3’s

Apple Multiplication 5’s

Apple of My Eye

Apple Paper Craft

Apple Patterns

Apple Poem

Apple Word Problems – Upper

Apple Word Scramble

Apples – Using The 5 Senses

Awesome Apples

Best Way to Eat an Apple – Lower

Blank Apple Tree – Decorate

Coloring ABC’s on Apple Tree

Coloring Sheet – Apple Tree

Coloring Trees – Following Directions

Counting Seeds

Dividing Apple Tree – 2’s

Dividing Apple Tree – 3’s

Dividing Apple Tree – 5’s

Dividing Apple Tree – 10’s

Johnny Appleseed – Lower

King of the Fruit (Parts of Speech Exercise)

Life Cycle Of An Apple

Odd and Even Apple Trees

Odd and Even Apple Coloring

Parts of an Apple

Parts of an Apple 1

Parts of an Apple 2

Parts of an Apple – Senses

Sort Apples by Color

Sort Apples by Word

Subtracting Apples – Simple Subtraction

What Kind of Apples do You Like – Lower

What Should I Do With My Apples



Agricultural Awareness Through Poetry (from CA Agriculture in the Classroom)

Agricultural Mechanics Master (from My American Farm)

Haagen-Dazs Bee Book

Harvesting Worksheet (from My American Farm)

Poultry Vocabulary

Products and Sources Matching Game

Products and Sources Sorting Worksheet

Serving Size Comparison Chart

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