Dock Dogs

August 2012-

Ever wondered how you could have the most fun with your canine friend? The Dock Dogs know just how, and will provide astounding entertainment for all ages this year at the Fair. Known for their incredible leaps and athletic abilities, these dogs will sure be welcomed for their appearances at the 2012 Topsfield Fair! In the Super Elite division of competition, the longest distance recorded for the Dock Dogs came on May 29th, 2011 in Little Rock, AR, when a retriever named Baxter jumped for the gold. But Baxter is not the only furry friend making a splash for the Dock Dogs. There currently are a number of different competitions within the United States and even nationally for dogs of all kinds to compete in. The Dog Dogs even provide a division for small “lap dogs” as well as a division for “veteran” dogs. Whether big or small, the performing Dock Dogs will prove themselves to be an act not to miss at the fair this year. Come see them make a splash at the Fair from Friday, September 28th through Sunday, September 30th!