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Bacon: Not Just A Breakfast Food

August 2012-

Bacon is leaving the breakfast table behind and is coming to the Topsfield Fair this year covered in chocolate.  Yes that’s right, that last sentence just said chocolate, you read it correctly. We’re proud to announce that the Topsfield Fair will be serving a new food this year called Pigs in Mud, otherwise known as chocolate covered bacon.

Chocolate covered bacon is the perfect combination of salty and sweet. It’s succulent and smoky from the bacon yet silky and sweet from the chocolate. Delish!

Chocolate covered bacon made its first big debut at the Minnesota State Fair and it was a huge hit. It wasn’t long before chocolate covered bacon was being served all over the United States it even made its way overseas to England! This amazing delicacy has become so popular that Food network actually made it! PEOPLE LOVE IT!

If this food is good enough to be made on TV then it’s most defiantly good enough to be made at the All American Funnel Cake booth! After all it makes sense to us…why wouldn’t people like two of America’s favorite foods (chocolate and bacon) being blended together?

Make sure when you’re on your Topsfield Fair adventure that you stop by the All American Funnel Cake booth (located on Bee Road) and try Pigs in Mud or some of their other fried creations and let us know what you think!