Artist Spotlight – Michael and Marisa

Less than a year apart, 13 and 14 year old, Boston-bed siblings, Michael and Marisa, Possess the uncanny ability to get a crowd in the thousands on their feet and begging for more. Their harmonic vocals, accompanied by Michael on guitar and Marisa on drums, overflow with a pop/rock energy and refreshing spirit.

citing musical influences that range from The Beatles to Avril Lavigne to Lady Gaga, Michal and Marisa have accompanies in five years what many musicians can only dream of doing in a lifetime. They have opened for numerous teen top 40 artists, participates in national concert tours, an have done ove r275 shows nation wide inclusing an impromptu performance with Grammy-nominated recording artist, Lily Allen

To watch them play is to witness a couple of ordinary kids with extraordinary talent well beyond their years. Completely at home in front of large audiences, Michal and Marisa maintain an infectious energy and melodramatic ability to turn the most cynical critic into an instant fan

Michael and Marisa spend nearly two years working on their debut album, Kickin’ It Together, which was independently released in 2008 to rave reviews. They co-wrote the majority of the songs on the 12-track album, along with contributions from Emmy-nominated producer, Amy Powers, Boston producer Blly Garzone, and Hannah Montana songwriter Jeannie Lurie. The EP in the fall of 2010, which was co-written and produced by Peter Zizzo, and award-winning songwriter who has been instrumental ind eveloping the careers of several artists, including Avril Lavigne and Vanessa Carlton. Gina Schock, drummer for the Go-Go’s, is also credited with a co-write

Anti-bullying song “The Same”, off the EP, takes the listener through the mind of a bystandr as she deliberates what to do in a bullying situation. The music video of the song ha been psoted on 50+ major websites such as Yahoo, AOL, PBS, J14, Parents, and its connecting with kids across the world mnaking them more aware of how they can helf their friends and classmates who are being bullies. Michael and Marisa are the national spokespeople for PACER anf We’re Kickin It, two prominent anti bullying organizations, and are going full speed agead to deliver the message that all kids are “The Same”

Catch Michael and Marisa perform at the Topsfield Fair on October 8th at 4 on the Trianon Stage. Topsfield Fair’s Opening Day is TOMORROW!!!!!

Watch the music video for Michael and Marisa’s “The Same” below: