Agricultural Adventure

August 2013-

This week’s 100 Days of PreFair, Freebie Friday is: Earn a ribbon by completing the Agricultural Adventure program!

The Topsfield Fair’s “Agricultural Adventure” program was created by our Education & Outreach Coordinator in the days leading up to our 2011 Fair. Our goal with the program was to create a fun, but educational, guide to the Agricultural Buildings. Follow the Agricultural Adventure Maps to learn about and explore the Fairgrounds.  Maps can be downloaded and printed from our website by clicking here, or you can pick one up from one of our Information Booths when you arrive.

Once you are on the Fairgrounds (and get a map, if needed), make your way to the nearest stop on the map. The Agricultural Building has nine (9) stops total and covers the Grange Museum, Poultry Barn, Flower Barn, Fruit & Vegetable Barn, Rabbit Barn, Pig Barn, Cattle Barn, Sheep & Goats Barn, and Beekeeping Building.

At each stop, you will find a large Agriculture Adventure Board. On the right side of the board, you can try your luck at several trivia questions that feature information about the building’s contents.  On the left side of the board, is a large mural. Stand behind the mural and place your head through one of the holes. A friend or family member can take your picture from the other side and you will have become a part of the mural!

Finally, before you leave each stop, make sure to use the special hole-punch to mark your map. When you have collected a stamp from all nine locations, bring your map back to an Information Booth. Once they confirm you have completed the program, you will win a FREE tie-dye Agricultural Adventure Ribbon!